One of the 1 Billion

One of the 1 Billion

jackson-memorial_1432408cToday, I became part of the 1 billion people that watched the Michael Jackson Memorial. This after, an e-mail from the Staples Center, “Sorry, we regret to inform you that your registration to attend the public Michael Jackson Memorial was not selected.” Okay, so maybe I was planning to sell my ticket to pay off a credit card, but it didn’t mean I wasn’t intrigued by the hype of the event.

Thanks to an early meeting with a future client, I made it home just in time to see the casket rolling in alongside Michael’s band of brothers adorning the iconic sequined, one-glove; and all this to the tune, “Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King.” A creepy, eerie feeling overwhelms me and I begin to wonder if they were implying MJ was the king or was he having a meet-up with Elvis? My religious roots tell me differently, but nonetheless it felt weird.

Okay, so that moment passes and I start to get into the “show.” Mariah Carey apparently hadn’t performed since her Glitter disaster, but I still enjoy the song.

I get a little bored with Lionel Richie and some of the speakers, so I tune into Twitter for commentary. Things in the Twittersphere were all a buzz and everything was trending Michael Jackson, MJ or Staples Center. I live alone, so I often look to Twitter to talk about things that are happening on TV. To me, this is better than any roommate or spouse because I choose the conversations I want to have. Anyways, I digress.

It’s not my nature to just sit and listen to everyone else chatting and Paxton, the cat, was napping, so I started providing my Twitter followers with my personal commentary of the “show.” Since most of my real-life friends are not on Twitter(shame on you all), here’s the transcript of my commentary.

·         Geraldo Rivera giving good points on MJ that the stars at memorial 2day did not support him during the trials of 2005.

·         Why does this memorial feel so eerie to me?

·         Do you think Michael’s body is really in the casket at the Staples Ctr?    

·         If there was this much attention for each soldier that died in combat, we’d have a new cable channel dedicated to memorial services

·         I guess it’s official now, Jennifer Hudson is pregnant.

·         This MJ Memorial stuff was pretty good until Al Sharpton came on. Thanks for the mute button!

·         Glad that the news scroll continues during MJ Memorial , so we can be privy to news other than MJ.

·         Wonder if Joe Jackson will make a final plea at the end of the service for his new recording company?

·         Holy Moley!! This thing just turned into a political rally.

·         RT @JohnRDowdy: I hope my Representative isn’t at this memorial service. There’s still work to be done in DC. #MJ Memorial

·         Looking forward to reading the book by Prince, Paris and Blanket.

·         Paris looks like she enjoys singing

·         I really need this Memorial to wrap up…I need to go to the grocery store.

·         I have a feeling that somebody’s going 2 profit from this Memorial and it won’t be his estate.

·         The family members are grabbing the mic. Joe this is your moment!

·         So did MJ’s Memorial surpass Princess Di in viewership?

Overall and regardless of my cynical, sometimes evil thoughts, I enjoyed most parts of the memorial, and I’m glad I watched. MJ is part of the fabric of Gen X, and is the Elvis of my generation—for this he gets my respect.

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