The Class of 1990

The Class of 1990

Yippee--I'm finally a senior and we get to lean on tables and have the glamour shots we waited 12 years for.

My SWGHS class reunion was last October, but at the time I was so deep in the Big Red Engine craziness I really didn’t have time to think about what life was like back in 1990. Tonight, as I was working out I noticed an old Purple Rain video was on and it got me thinking about what movies, tv shows, songs, etc. were all the rage in 1990, the year the Class of 1990 said good-bye to lockers, pep rallies and Friday night football.

So for the Class of 1990, these are for you.

Movie of the Year: Driving Miss Daisy (Never did see that one. Somehow watching an old woman get driven around didn’t appeal to me then or now.)

Best Comedy: Murphy Brown (This show inspired me that if I never married, I could still have a kid on my own. I guess this could still happen. I think I’d rather have a kid than a husband anyway! )

Best Drama: LA Law (Yep, didn’t watch this. I knew then and I know now that lawyers just aren’t for me.)

Song of the Year: Wind Beneath My Wings (Must be the worst song ever. Every time I hear this song, I cringe and turn the station. I’m convinced all copies should be destroyed along with every Shaina Twain song.)

NCAA Champion: UNLV over Duke (Probably, the best thing that happened that year)

Trivia: Milli Vannili admits to lip-synching. (I don’t care who sang it, I still love “Blame it on the Rain”)

Cost of a stamp: .25

So as I look back, I would say it was a lack-luster year and one I’d just soon forget. The only thing that really mattered back then was getting the heck out of the house and finding someone to buy the beer.

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