10 Things I’m Thankful For

10 Things I’m Thankful For

Although, I’m non-traditional in my Thanksgiving feast and opt for wine and pizza over turkey and mashed potatoes, my food choices don’t translate to the heart of the day–giving thanks. So in the  spirit of the day, I give thanks for:

1. Twitter – This simple tool has provided me with a world of new friends, which I enjoy hanging out with both online and in person.  Together we share information, drink wine and rant about what ever bugs us.

2. College Basketball – The dreary days of February and March are much more bearable with the thrills of the ACC basketball and March Madness.

3. Airplanes – Despite all the crazy added fees,  airplanes open me to the world of travel, for which I could never live without.

4. Clean Air- Having visited China where there are no regulations on pollution and a simple walk outside leaves you covered with soot and dust in your mouth, I am forever grateful for clean air.

5-iPhone – What can this phone not do? It keeps me connected to everyone and everything.

6. Paxton, the cat –For 12 years, this cat has provided me with friendship and unconditional love.

7. Google – If I have a question, Google’s always there.

8. Health– A traditional response for Thanksgiving, but I’m especially grateful since I get the flu once every 14 years and  a cold every 5 years. I’m a very healthy specimen!

9. Botox – I don’t get this is as much as I’d like, but it’s a miracle for minimizing the aging process.

10. Family – Another traditional response, but when things are tough, you’re stuck or need some extra help, I can depend on them.

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