The Bachelor Recycled

The Bachelor Recycled

I didn’t  realize I’d miss the winter Olympics so much. Not so much that I love winter sports, but because watching world-class athletes fall on their ass is more entertaining than what’s typically offered on Monday nights. Namely, The Bachelor.

I hate this show and only watch so I can bitch about it and yell at the TV, “you’re sooooo stupid!.”

Yes, I”m cynical and I don’t believe in overnight, I want to live with you forever kind of love. It just doesn’t happen that way. What irritates me more is ABC’s obligatory request for future Bachelor/Bachelorette submissions. During each episode they advertise, “if you’d like to be the next Bachelor send us your submission.” This must be some kind of legal requirement because it seems each time a new Bachelor or Bachelorette is announced their just recycled old contestants.

Case in point:
Jake, Bachelor #14,  dumped by Jillian in Bachelorette  #5

Jason, Bachelor #13 dumped by Deanna in Bachelorette, #4

Trista, Bachelorette #1,  dumped by 1st bachelor, Alex

Meredith, Bachelorette,#3, dumped by Bob

Jen, Bachelorette #3, dumped by Firestone dude

Deanna, Bachelorette #4,  dumped by Brad

Jillian, Bachelorette #5, dumped by dad, Jason

Please ABC, I beg you cancel this show!!!

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