The Carry-On

The Carry-On

The carry on for international travel is an essential element in packing for long airplane rides. So as I sit in a bar drinking a beer, I contemplate what’s in my coveted carry-on to keep me occupied for 10 hours.

-Drugs – no international trip is complete w/out Lunesta to keep me sound asleep for 8 of the 10 hours
– Journal- to keep notes of the crazy people on the plane which could be good material for my book.
– Snacks- This is not Lufthansa or British Airways, so I may have to live off Mike & Ike’s for the duration.
-Long-sleeve shirt- I’m always cold so I need reinforcements.
-Underwear- Well, you just never know!
– Camera- Because I don’t trust this in my checked baggage.
– Make-up: I can buy toothpaste in Egypt, but I can’t buy Bobbi Brown cosmetics.
– iPod- Podcasts and lots of David Cook.
– Passport- I love America and want to get back.

And thanks to my travel buddy, Michelle, we have airplane bottles of Absolut to survive the dry airline of Egypt Air.

More travel tales to come.

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