Disney is a Cult: Happily Ever After Dispelled

Disney is a Cult: Happily Ever After Dispelled

Disney is a cult! Yes, I said, it. Disney is a cult! Sorry, Sue and Tyler, I loved your Disney wedding, but after five days living on the grounds of the “happiest place on earth,” I felt I was being wooed into believing that nothing bad ever happens in the world,  and if I stayed there long enough,  I too could find Prince Charming while riding Space Mountain.

Call me a realist, but life is not a “happily ever after,” as Mr. Disney wants us all to believe.  Cinderella and Snow White are just fantasies: A ploy to  warp little girls minds into believing that Prince Charming will come and sweep them away.  My rant on Disney could go on for hours, but I found that photos do a much better job in dispelling the happily ever myth that Disney has forced upon little girls for over 50 years.

Possibly, Disney should consider using these photos as a disclaimer at the beginning of the movie. WARNING: The movie you are about to see WILL NOT  happen to you. Instead, you will be forced into a life of reality!  (A note of thanks to Eilis for the photos. )


Snow White

Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

The Little Mermaid

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