The Academy of Amy, Presents Top Films

The Academy of Amy, Presents Top Films

oscarIt’s Oscar night, and it’s got me thinking about those films that I never tire of and never fail to plant me into the depths of my sofa as a Saturday reserved for errands eludes me in favor of faraway places and unforgettable characters. So today, The Academy of Amy, presents my Top 10 nominees for Best Picture.

10. Sixteen Candles. Maybe not an Oscar-worthy movie, but this movie is a Gen X classic. Of course, I blame this movie for planting the seed that all your dreams come true at the naive age of 16, and that the most popular, best-looking guy in school would whisk me away in his red Porsche. Yep, this did not happen and all expectations went south from that point forward.

9. The Queen. A sucker for British royalty, I love this portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II. It made me appreciate the old bitty who refuses to let Charles be King. She’s more a complex woman than I had initially gave her credit.

8. Bridget Jone’s Diary. Only single women can appreciate the beauty of this film. We all struggle with our weight, drink too much and can’t figure out men. Bridget Jones is my soul mate.

7. Terms of Endearment. This is my go-to movie for when I need to cry. It never fails me.

6. The King’s Speech. Just saw this film three days ago and fell in love. And finally, a Colin Firth film in which I don’t see him as Mr. Darcy.

5. St. Elmo’s Fire. I wouldn’t be an X-‘er if I didn’t include a film from the Brat Pack. Seven college graduates trying to figure out what it means to be a grown up sucks me in every time. They could do a sequel to this film and I predict they’d all still be trying to figure it out.

4. A Beautiful Mind. Overcoming the voices of the mind, John Nash discovers “It’s only in the mysterious equation of love that any logical reasons can be found. I’m only here tonight because of you. You are the only reason I am… you are all my reasons.” Ahhh…. this gives me hope that love can conquer all.

3. Gone with the Wind. A born and raised southerner, I’d be banned south of the Mason/Dixon line if I didn’t love this Civil War epic.

2. Dr. Zhivago. Is it better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all. Only Lara and Yuri truly know. Every time I watch this, I still can’t figure out if that was Lara walking on the street.

1. The Sound of Music. If you know me at all, this is not a surprise. A love story, WWII, singing kids, an incredible soundtrack and score, and  an escape from the Nazis makes for a great family film, and my favorite.

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