National Bucket List Day

National Bucket List Day

I expect we all have a bucket list somewhere written in the depths of our brains that we often think about in between the chores of our everyday and seemingly common life. I’ve found; however, that it  if I write it down, I have a greater chance at actually achieving it, and thus pursing my path to something great.  It’s something about seeing it on paper and physically checking it off makes me feel accomplished. Yes, I’m a sucker for “to-do” list on a sticky note that stares at me all week before I break down and either do it or throw the note away in protest that for that week, I just wasn’t in the mood to be that organized with my life. Sorry, I digress.

I believe a bucket list evolves as we do and things come on and off the list as our priorities and outlook on life and what’s important changes. So today, March 7th, which I’m recommending as “National Bucket List Day,”  I claim my bucket list as follows:

  • Live in Italy for 6 months to a year, drinking wine, learning Italian, exploring the churches and writing about all the people I meet along the way
  • Host a Thanksgiving dinner for my family. (Note: I don’t cook very well, but something about hosting T-giving makes me feel like an adult and something I should do at least once in my life.)
  • Learn to sew. My throw back to the 50’s, and my innate desire to create something new from something old.
  • Have an article or an essay published.
  • Write a book. Don’t care about publishing it, I just want to write it.
  • Meet George W. Bush. Don’t judge here. He’s really a cool guy.
  • Climb the Effiel Tower.
  • Wake up early enough to see the sunrise over the ocean.
  • Go sky diving.
  • Go on an African safari.
  • Travel to every continent (except Antartica [way too cold])
  • Be highlighted in my alumni magazine for being an extraordinary alumni.
  • Spend Christmas at the beach with family and enjoying time together without the commercialism of presents
  • Wait until 12/23 to buy a Christmas tree and decorate it on Christmas Eve.
  • Visit the Princess Diana burial site in Althorp, England.
  • Pray the rosary all the way through
  • Sing at a karoke bar
  • Go to Russia during the white nights.
  • Watch Citizen Kane, Chariots of Fire and The Godfather saga.
  • Go to Phuket, Thailand, Turkey, Iceland, Germany, coast of France, Japan.
  • Own a cuckoo clock.
  • Sponsor a serviceman/woman during the holidays.
  • Retire at the beach
  • Learn the Thriller dance. (currently a work in progress)
  • See Elton John and Billy Joel in concert.
  • Spend a week/weekend at a Dude Ranch (this is just funny, not sure why I want to do this, but I do)
  • Drive cross country

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