89 Candles Burn Bright

89 Candles Burn Bright

Today, my grandmother, Nina Dee, celebrates her 89th birthday. We call her Nina Dee because that’s her name and when she became a grandmother in her early 40’s she didn’t want such an antiquated title as grandmother. This title stuck through four grandchildren until 1977 when her 5th grandchild was born.  No matter the title, this woman is the strongest woman I know. Despite an aging body, she’s sharp as a tack and nothing gets by her.

She says, she’s glad to have lived during the time she did, but in today’s world I suspect she would’ve been a lot like me: a strong, independent, adventurous woman taking advantage of every opportunity that came her way.  From her genes, I got a passion for travel, to see the world and embrace people different from me and an independent spirit. What wonderful gifts. I am truly blessed to have this woman as my grandmother. Happy birthday, Nina Dee.


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