Who’s Walking Out of Your Life?

Who’s Walking Out of Your Life?

I’ve always believed that fate and a higher power brings people in our lives, but it’s up to us to determine how we nurture that relationship, or not. As I get older, I’ve found that it’s more imperative than ever to tightly hold on and cherish these people for who they are and who we are when we’re with them.

We’re bombarded with work, family, commutes, and countless other obligations, and it’s easy to just let people go, to say next week, next month until we eventually forget and have replaced them with the unfulfilling and often melancholy noise of the world.Yet it’s the people in our lives that shape us, change us, make us better, and understand us for us. They travel with us on this challenging, but rewarding journey called life, and hold the candle when all we can see is darkness.

Today, I ask, why are we so willing to let that all go?

One thought on “Who’s Walking Out of Your Life?

  1. It is sad how that happens. Would like to have you in my life again….. we have know each other too long to be like this.

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