Hurricane Survival Tips You Won’t Hear on the News

Hurricane Survival Tips You Won’t Hear on the News

Hanging outside as Hurricane Bertha comes through Greenville, NC

With all the over zealous news reporting of  Hurricane Irene and the minute-by-minute projections of the Irene’s whereabouts, I’m reminded of a few key Hurricane survival tips  that may go unreported by mainstream media.

1. Yes, the power may go out (sorry Marylander’s this is a given), which means you may not have hot water. Take your shower now and prepare to look like ass for a few days.

2. Befriend  neighbors with grills.  When your chicken’s hours from extinction, those neighbors can be a lot more fun than you originally gave them credit.

3. Go old school. Read, work puzzles, draw, paint, write(by hand).

4. Don’t suffer in silence. Have a party and play truth or dare or spin the bottle.

5. Drink a lot of wine  and  go to bed early. Or for some of you, pass out.

6. Pray! After three days of “camping” in your home (thanks Hugo for that experience), you’ll need the grace of a Higher Power to survive without TV, Internet, AC, a hairdryer, flat iron and a cold beer.

7.  Turn off the news and ride out the adventure.

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