The Class of 2015

The Class of 2015

Over the past few weeks, my Facebook feed has been full of back to school photos. Kids starting 1st grade, 7th grade and even a college freshmen. I drive through the streets of DC where at  GW and Georgetown I’m greeted with “Welcome Back Students” signs.

It’s an annual rite of passage for parents and kids alike.  An event I haven’t participated in since Fall of 1994.  But this year, I came across a post that gave me pause: a reminder that there’s not only a new generation of back to schooler’s,  but a whole new mindset.

A few of my favorite’s from the  full list:

  • O.J. Simpson has always been looking for the killers of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman.
  • Women have never been too old to have children.
  • Ferris Bueller and Sloane Peterson could be their parents.
  • Jimmy Carter has always been a smiling elderly man who shows up on TV to promote fair elections and disaster relief.
  • They’ve always wanted to be like Shaq or Kobe: Michael Who?
  • Amazon has never been just a river in South America,
  • Refer to LBJ, and they might assume you’re talking about LeBron James.
  • Sears has never sold anything out of a “Big Book” that could also serve as a doorstop.

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