Belief Without Action is No Belief at All

Belief Without Action is No Belief at All

A  friend once told me, “your only job is to believe.”  And yes, once upon a time, I believed in Santa Claus and magically on Christmas morning  I got  what I had asked for. However, I’m not five anymore and if my job as an adult was only to believe, I’m confident I’d be continually disappointed.

Yes, believing in something is vital today’s complex and dysfunctional world, but to believe in isolation is incomplete, a dangling participle, waiting for the the antecedent to take it’s rightful place. Belief without action might as well be  no belief at all.

As I see it, the older we get the more we have to have substance to support our beliefs. Just sitting around idly waiting for something to happen just because we believe it’s suppose to or that it is meant to be is foolish. Even more so, it takes the onus off you for making something happen. You project all your beliefs onto others, spout out philosophical BS, but when it comes down to doing something, to putting yourself out there, you shy away. It’s a coward’s way out.

I do believe we need to believe that good things are out there for us, but to just sit there and say so without taking action, moving forward and showing the world what we want is far from what I believe.  No doubt , it takes courage to go for it and move forward to what you want. The  looming fear of rejection and ridicule is huge. But  if you’re going to believe in it then I say, stand up and take action. Otherwise, sit down and shut up.


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