Searching for Cuckoo’s

Searching for Cuckoo’s

I’m off again to foreign lands. This time a jaunt through Germany and Austria. What prompted this trip, you ask? Well, the story goes like this:

My Granddaddy loved clocks. His favorite was the cuckoo clock his sister-in-law bought him on her trip to Germany. As a kid I waited on the hour for that cuckoo to pop out. This is one of my fondest memories of being at my grandparents house. My Granddaddy died over 10 years ago, and when I asked what happened to the cuckoo clock, I was informed that it was thrown away. See, my family believes that once something stops working it has no purpose, no more life to give. My rational side says, it’s just stuff and to get over it, but my emotional side misses that damn clock and the childhood memories it conjures.

So this past December after another family heirloom was ditched, I decided that it was time I went after my own clock, my own family memory, heirloom. And so I began extensive research in planning a trip through the Black Forest in search of my own clock that will remind me not only of my Granddaddy, but also a remembrance not to give up on anyone or anything that gives you joy.

Let the search begin….

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