Small things add up

Small things add up

I like to think that with each year we accomplish something. It may not be the grand plans we set out for ourselves on January 1st, but if we take a few minutes and reflect, we’ll find that we achieved something in our own small way. After all, the small things add up over 365 days. And though for 2012, I didn’t do exactly what I set out to do in January, I can peacefully say, I tried.

As for the things I did accomplish:

– Added 2 more countries to my “I’ve been there” list (Germany and Austria)
– Made my own Liesl costume for TSOM sing-a-long (Note: I’ve never sewn clothes before)
– Managed to live 7 months & counting without a car
– Extended my “I read that” list by 10 books
– Supported the arts by attending 3 shows at Wolf Trap, 1 at Kennedy Center and 1 at DPAC
– “Believed in America” by voting for change

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