Facebook Rant, Some Days I Don’t Care

Facebook Rant, Some Days I Don’t Care

I’ve been weening myself from the Facebook life. I only go on once a day and quickly scroll through to see anything interesting. I’m done in less than five minutes.

No, it wasn’t a New Year’s resolution, but instead a clear, conscious choice made while everyone was posting photos and providing status updates of their endless holiday cheer.

Simply, I couldn’t take it anymore. Now possibly, I need to up my meds, but the “Stepford” life that I often see on Facebook and the constant noise of “I’m having more fun than you,” posts and photos sent me over the edge.

I needed quiet from the “I’m more successful, more traveled, have the cutest kids, best job, best friends and best family,” intercom. I needed to listen to myself, not the “Joneses” of Facebook that tell me how my life may or may not stack up.

This is not a rant on your kid’s photos. I really do like them. They’re actually what I enjoy most about Facebook and why I won’t quit it.

However, there are some days I just want to focus on me without the constant noise that somewhere, someone else is out there doing something really cool with their lives.

In pre-Facebook life, I might hear about you, your successes and yes, failures through the grapevine. It all depended on who knew who. If we didn’t know each other, you went into the vault of friends past, and I never heard from you again, unless fate intervened. And well, that’s when you need to listen to why this person reappeared, and question on if you need them back in your life. However, that’s a topic for another day.

But today, Facebook, is one large show of how great one’s life has become with little focus on the failures. Yet, in the grapevine of yester year, the failures made the rounds too. With Facebook the failures in one’s life go mostly unnoticed, and competition for the besting each other reaches a fever pitch daily.

And while most of the time, I still want to hear that you’re doing well, still have a job and the kids had another good year at school, some days I just don’t care. And for those days, I’ll say, “congratulations” now.

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