Hollywood: Please reunite Katie and Hubbell

Hollywood: Please reunite Katie and Hubbell

Yesterday, I caught the last 30 minutes of “The Way We Were,” which by my account is the best part. It’s at this point, Katie realizes her love is not enough for her, and Hubbell, and with much regret she lets him go, only asking that he stay until the baby’s born. But since Katie’s not the let-it-go-type and fights  for every cause from the atomic bomb to Hubbell’s career,  this is a crushing blow to all of us, me included, who fight for what we believe in.

And while I understand the cinematic purpose of this movie, you can’t give up yourself for someone else, I desperately want these two to get together.

So as I sat there watching Katie brush Hubbell’s hair to the side, being strong and commending him on his choice of a girl, saying, “your girl’s wonderful, Hubbell.”  I wondered why Hollywood can’t create a sequel where after years apart, they found their way back?

Heck, even Gone With the Wind had a sequel where Rhett and Scarlett got together. Of course, it wasn’t the cinematic masterpiece of the original, but it was satisfying to have closure on a couple where there was clearly no other choice, but the two of them together, forever.  

So with that, I need Katie and Hubbell to get back together. It just feels like there’s been enough time for them to have grown up, discovered the world and that the world is a better place with the two of them together.  Possibly, a 21st century widow meets widower through eHarmony? Please Hollywood, it’s time to reunite Katie and Hubbell.



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