Hard Court Red Carpet: Winners and Losers

Hard Court Red Carpet: Winners and Losers

Louisville and Michigan may have won the games last night, but I counted seven more winners, and yes, seven more losers.

Winner: Charles Barkley. The 3-piece, pinstripe suit with Carolina blue tie along with Chuck’s endearing personality makes him a slam dunk on Greg, Greg and Kenny.
Loser: The white dude. He sticks out, not for being the creme in the double-chocolate cookies of Greg and Greg, and Kenny and Chuck, but for the blinding blue jacket that looks as if he rented it from the Georgia Dome’s lost and found collection.

Winner: Tracy. Her gilded sweater, big watch and knee-high black boots provided court side diversity in a sea of black suits.
Loser: Clarke, Steve, Jim. No risks taken with these guys. Boring!! Fortunately, their talent is unseen–their voice is what matters.

Winner: Rick Pitino. One of the godfather’s of modern college hoops, Pitino is a head to toe classic.
Loser: Jim Boheim. Show a little school spirit. A lavender tie screamed I packed my Easter tie instead of my “Go ‘Cuse” orange and blue striped tie.

Winner: Syracuse. In the battle of the highlighters, the Orange win. Simply orange complements more of the Syracuse players than the yellow of the Michigan players. Wichita State, you came close, but your lack of uniformity in shoes and the superman chevron on the sleeve put you out of contention.
Loser: Louisville. The white and grey animal cheetah shorts and under shirts took emphasis away from the classic red and white color combo. Not good for a program that has a rich history of winning it all and is in the upper eschelon of college basketball.

Winner: Louisville. Cheerleading classic long sleeves mixed in with trendy cropped tops shows these southern girls know how to be discreet and sexy at the same time.
Loser: Syracuse. Girls, you live in New York where it’s cold and there’s no opportunity for a natural tan until July. Cover up! We don’t want to see your pasty white chest falling out of your top, nor does it look good against the orange uniform.

Pep Band
Winner: Michigan. With the coolest fight song in the country, Michigan is the clear winner no matter what they wear.
Loser: No contest.

Winner: Syracuse. Not sure what oranges have to do with upstate New York, but watching that little round orange run around the court and sideline is super cute, and puts a smile in my face.
Loser: Wichita State. A wheat shocker? Seriously, only folks in Kansas could get pumped up for that one.

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