Getting the Shaft

Getting the Shaft

My lady friends will remember the Sex and the City episode of the baby shower and the lost Manolo’s.

To refresh your memory, Carrie attends her friend’s baby shower and is forced to take her shoes off, which for Carrie translates to a $400 pair of Manolo Blahnik’s. When Carrie leaves the party, she discovers that her Manolo’s are missing and she’s forced to walk home in a pair of old sneakers from her friend’s closet.

The moral of this 30 minute episode is that after college graduation, singles get the shaft, and that unless you get married or have a baby, there are no more opportunities to celebrate your life choices (birthday’s are a wash as everyone has them.)

So with this in mind, I can’t help but think about the many ways I’ve gotten the shaft for being a single.

  • Single supplement charges for booking solo travel. Seriously, if more people had the courage to travel alone, this world might be a better place and travel companies would be more profitable.
  • Taxes and social security. Simply, single people pay more as federal and state laws benefit married people. It’s been proven in The High Price of Being Single in America.
  • Wedding showers.  Pots, pans, sheets and 12-piece place settings come free of charge when you get married and register at Macy’s. Yes, house warming parties can serve this purpose too, but I’ve yet to see a house warming for a single rack in the amount of goods you get when one gets married.
  • Dual income society. Thanks to the influx of women into the workforce and the myth that women can have it all, a dual income society has prevailed and it’s getting increasingly difficult to survive on one salary.
  • Insurance rates. When I check the box “single” I automatically pay more than my married counterpart who drives more miles to and from the soccer field than I do in a year.
  • No back-up plan.  You are your back-up plan, so only the strongest of us can survive being single. With every bill dependent upon your income, you have little and I emphasize LITTLE wiggle room for mishaps. Dreams of quitting your current gig without another gig lined up are just that, dreams.

I know I’ve been a negative Nelly on this one today, but it’s Monday and I want to be negative.


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