New Celebrity Crush

New Celebrity Crush

jackdavenportDespite the fact that my Vampire Diaries crush, Ian Somerhalder, has recently changed his Facebook status from, “In a relationship,” to “Single,” prompting a search for an e-saver to Atlanta to pursue proper stalking, up, close and personal, I’ve found myself a new celebrity crush to split my time: Jack Davenport.

Of course, just when I find him, I will lose him.  His character, Derek Wills, is on track to close out his run on Smash as NBC puts a nail in the coffin of this spectacular show that is totally underrated and misunderstood. I beg NBC to keep Smash on the air!! Until then, I’ll soak up my time with Jack and Derek.

Fortunately, Ian and Damon will be back in September. I couldn’t bear to lose two fantasies at once.





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