No Cable for a Month

No Cable for a Month

television_no_cableI told myself after Wimbledon, I’d quit cable–at least temporarily. A summer challenge to rid myself of the evil toxins that spew from the endless hours of cable news and reality TV.

Now I haven’t gotten all crazy and called Comcast to disconnect, but I suspect cold turkey would be an easier way to go.

No, I’m subscribing to a crazy level, call cable anonymous-type of temptation. I’m leaving the cable connected. The only thing between me and channel surfing is pure will power. I can hear the devil serpent whispering to me now, “turn me on, it’s time for another rerun of Friends.”

Over the past six months, I’ve closely monitored my viewing habits and discovered that most of what I enjoy watching is quality, scripted TV, and live events like Wimbledon. I hate reality shows, even the contest-based one’s, and since we won’t have an election for another three years, there’s no sense in watching the childlike behavior that ensues on cable news. All the news I need to know is in my daily Facebook feed of The British Monarchy. You didn’t think I’d miss that coverage, did you?

For me, it’s the live events that keep me an indentured servant to Comcast. Yes, I can hookup my computer and watch them online through my TV, but I haven’t gotten that sophisticated yet. That’s another step in the cable addiction recovery plan.

Now before you think I’m all anti-TV, let me be clear, I’m anti-cable. I hate what they offer and what I have to pay on annual basis just to watch Wimbledon and March Madness.

So for the next month, I challenge myself to not watch anything through my Comcast cable account. Instead, I will opt for my Netflix account and the channels offered via my Roku (BTW: the Smithsonian channel is great).

Day 1, starts now!




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