Cable Recovery Plan Day 5

Cable Recovery Plan Day 5

I keep telling myself it only takes 30 days to break a habit. Yet, when you consider I’ve spent the majority of my life submitting to the will of my cable provider and seeking entertainment by what they and the networks deem entertaining, 30 days of no cable feels like an extreme challenge only Olympic athletes would pursue.

But so far, I’ve endured. My TV has been on, but only for Netflix, Roku channels and Amazon Prime movies.

The hardest part for me has been the quiet. I often have the TV on for background noise so I don’t always feel so alone. Even right now, as I write this, I want to flip the TV on to drown out the traffic that’s building up on 395. My solution for this dilemma: Turn on FoxNews Audio or Pandora. Both of which I get through my Roku, skirting the urge to turn on another episode of Friends.

It’s a discomfort of great proportions, of which I often find myself wondering what to do with myself when the TV’s not on. Yet, I ┬áremain committed to the challenge, and firmly believe that I’ll be a better person for having cut cable out of my life.

We’ll see in another 25 days.



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