Betting on a Royal Baby, or Not?

Betting on a Royal Baby, or Not?

009Most of you know that I teeter on the edge of royal family obsession. A look at my bookshelf and the stacks of coffee-table books on Princess Diana along with my addiction to Tudor-era historical fiction are dead giveaways for my love of all things English Royalty.

So it should be no surprise, that I have been on royal baby watch for the past five days. No, I haven’t fallen off the cable recovery plan wagon, and succumb to CNN’s baby watch coverage, thankfully for Twitter I’m totally in the know on all things #royalbaby.

And in the midst of my obsession, I nearly put a wager on what Kate and Wills would name the little HRH tyke, but unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the online betting site in the UK didn’t accept American wagers.

So for fun, my safe bet for a girl is:

Alexandra Elizabeth Frances 

My long shot for a girl is:

Charlotte Elizabeth Victoria Frances

My safe bet for a boy is:

George Phillip James Charles

My long shot for a boy is:

James Francis Henry Phillip 

And my personal favorite for a girl:

Charlotte Carrie Miranda Samantha 

My personal favorite for a boy:

Ronald Donald Ricky Mike


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