Yes, I can go without cable TV, but do I want to?

Yes, I can go without cable TV, but do I want to?

yesicanWhen last we spoke, I was five days into my 30-day no cable TV challenge. I’m on day 24.

As I get closer to my goal, I ponder on the lessons, how I feel and did I miss anything?

The easy question: did I miss anything? Ummm…no, I’m still on Facebook and got all my royal baby news direct from The British Monarchy. Oh yeah, and from the countless obsessed royal watchers on Twitter at the hashtag #royalbaby.

This experiment was about testing my boundaries, experiencing and working through the discomfort that comes with not knowing what to do with myself in the absence of the cable TV noise.

My hypothesis to the experiment: Could I go without Comcast cable in my life? The simple, business answer is: yes. But like most things this is not a business decision, at least not today. It’s an emotional behavior built over the past 30 years of thinking I needed cable to survive.

Two weeks into my experiment I knew I could live without the evils of cable TV, but did I want to? I took a pause and pondered: How did I feel without it? A little lost. Weird. Abnormal. Empowered. I was conflicted. .

I kept going back to the question: If I can live without cable TV, why wouldn’t I just save myself $80 a month and cut the cord? I concluded, this wasn’t a cost cutting exercise (at least not today), but that cable TV is my comfort food. It’s there when I need it, it’s familiar.

Don’t get me wrong, I still hate the content, the commercials, but having it on, stumbling upon an old episode of Friends is like eating Mac n’ Cheese when you’re on a diet–you can’t imagine your life without it, at least at a minimal level or on special occasions.

With six more days to go, I’m staying the course to day 30, even though I’ve decided not to cancel the Kardashians, Hells Kitchen and the Real Housewives from my TV feed. I will stay with Comcast, for the moment, not because I like what they’re serving, but because I know that I have the strength to cut them out whenever I deem appropriate, or just can’t afford to pay for mindless activity.




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