Random Thoughts from Paris Day 1

Random Thoughts from Paris Day 1

I’ve been in Paris for right on 12 hours now and I’m pooped, so instead of words of wisdom from the other side of the Atlantic, I’m gonna do a brain dump of the 1st day. My commentary will be limited to what my pooped brain can muster on four hours sleep and a day walking in the rain through a city I have no experience, yet am always aiming to look more like a local than American tourist.

– Decked out in my black tights, skirt, grey sweater and turtleneck, I successfully manage through the Paris train system and get to my hotel. Their train system is like DC, but on steroids, so I’m comfortable with this and with maps in every station I’m confident I can get to all key sites on my 5 day agenda.
– it’s all Saints Day and while I want to experience mass in Notre Dame, I’m jonesing for some good French wine and not sure I’ll make it to 6:30 mass. Instead, I tour the church, light a candle, say a prayer that grace will forgive me for ditching the Holy Day. I really like this day, so it makes me sad to miss it.
-in my All Saints’s Day tour, I visit Saint Chapelle Church where history goes as far back as the 4th century.
-Hunt down the scarf store that I learned about in my online research. Yes, I did a minor bit of damage there. The French sales folks know how to work a sale, yet in a non pushy way.
– it’s cold and rainy and I’m sure a visit to the local Macy’s is in order tomorrow AM. I forgot my coat, hat and gloves. Brrr.. Was the word for today!
– Was stopped 2x for directions or at least I thought it was directions. I guess my attempt at channeling the French attitude or rather the continued use of my DC attitude has effectively translated across international boundaries. I’m good,until I open my mouth and my southern, American accent takes over. A step further a dude walks over to my table at dinner to ask how I like the duck. And no he wasn’t hitting on me, although he has that European handsomness, he was with a chick.

On dear, I think there was more to this 1st day, but my eyes are tired and I must go to bed.

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