Top Five Seasonal Pet Peeves

Top Five Seasonal Pet Peeves

EarlyXmasTreeIt’s the day before Thanksgiving and my seasonal pet peeves are already brewing for another year of total annoyance.

1. Early Christmas trees.  Give the pilgrims a little respect, after all, nearly half of them died on the Mayflower and once they were here, they suffered through hunger and a harsh winter to settle in the New World.  Thanksgiving and the pilgrims should be treated as more than a toll booth to Christmas.

2. Christmas sweaters.  Stitching’s of Santa Claus, gift boxes with red bows, bells that ring when you walk and outlines of candy canes all blocked off in perfect symmetry on top a boxy cardigan is a major fashion don’t, even for ugly Christmas sweater parties. Christmas sweaters of all shapes and sizes are just ghastly and I can’t take that much ugly and ill-fashion sense for 25 straight days.

3. “Holidays” – Just say what it is and don’t be so lazy and lump them all together as “the holidays.” Say Christmas, Hannukah, Thanksgiving, whatever it is, just call it what it is, and forgo political correctness.

4. Shopping and Travel News Reports – It’s the same story every year. Interviews of people so obsessed with a bargain they skip Thanksgiving dinner and camp out in front of Best Buy for the door buster $100 computer. This on top of the media’s hype of Black Friday, Cyber Monday,and the constant predictions of how good or bad the season will be for retailers never offers new insight. I’ve not once heard of a retailer report that they exceeded their Christmas sales targets. Every year, retailers have “disappointing sales.”

In the same vain, travel news. I’ve heard those all before too.  The lone reporter standing at  DCA, reporting that “it’s the calm before the storm.” Really? It’s that way every day at US airports. Road reports don’t fare better. Gas continues to be expensive and the fact that more or less people are on the road than last year is of little interest for those that do drive to their destination. I say, “so what?”

5. Around the clock Christmas music. How many renditions of Silent Night and Santa Claus Coming to Town does one need for 24 hours a day 7 days a week from Thanksgiving to Christmas, and for some beyond Christmas Day? A Christmas carol thrown into the everyday mix adds that special blend that you can only get at Christmas. Too much of one thing and we don’t appreciate it as much. Again, the over indulgence of American society.

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