Making it Work While Asking “What’s Next?”

Making it Work While Asking “What’s Next?”

My end of year tradition is to find a theme song that sort of wraps up my year in just 3-4 minutes. This year, I struggled. Nothing in my repertoire seemed to totally encapsulate it as I spent most of the year contemplating “what’s next?”  This question still plagues me and possibly I’ll have an answer between now and midnight, but I expect the “what’s next” trend to continue into 2014.

The positive: I’m a heck of a lot closer today to “what’s next” than I was six months ago. In the absence of a clear answer, I started to clear out, get myself ready, clean the clutter, and make way for new challenges, new surroundings, a new beginning–whatever they might be.

I knew it was time to let go. Let go of things that were holding me back emotionally because I was clinging onto a life I was dreaming of rather than the life I had today. I began to let go of ideas of what was “supposed” to be and began accepting reality. I began working with what I had rather than what I thought I should have. I channeled Tim Gunn and claimed the motto, “make it work.”

Overall, 2013 was about letting go and getting ready for where ever God takes me. And so on NYE, 2013, I can say the load both physically and emotionally is getting  lighter, the picture is becoming clearer.

And finally, it’s amazing how good you feel when you finally ditch the 35 year old cross stitch books because you realize you never want to cross stitch again. That was a different life, a different me. I’m moving forward.  2014 bring it on!



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  1. I’ve kept your blog in my favorites and every now and then I take a peak at Amy’s (latest) adventures. I loved this one, good for you! Motivates me more for my 2014, too.. Hope you are doing well my friend 🙂

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