Bucket List

Bucket List

1. Own a convertible.

2. Trek to Machu Pichu

3. Live in Italy for up to 6 months

4. Work on an Italian/French vineyard.

5. Adopt a pet from the animal shelter.

6. Visit Salzburg, Austria and go on The Sound of Music tour.

7. Go to Germany and buy a cuckoo clock.

8. Take a cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

9. Go to the opera.

10. Take a cruise to Antartica.

11. Sleep in a hut over the waters of Fiji.

12. Go zip-lining.

13. Go skinny dipping in the ocean.

14. Ascend to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

15. Write a book (or at least try).

16. Drive cross country.

17. See the Northern Lights.

18. Have a massage in the Blue Lagoon.

19. Read all of Jane Austen’s works.

20. Volunteer abroad

21. Sing karaoke.

22. Go scuba diving in the South Pacific.

23. Spend Christmas on the beach.

24. Shoot a gun.

25. Visit 50 countries (To date: Austria, China, Egypt, Italy, Germany, France, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Bahamas, Vietnam, Iceland, Hungary, UK)

26. Ride a mechanical bull.

27. Go on an African safari.

28. Ride an elephant.


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