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Blank it Out in 2011

Blank it Out in 2011

imagesI’m not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions. It just seems contrite to say on January 1st you’re going to change a behavior that makes you who you are. Nevertheless, I do believe in doing things for yourself that make you happy, and incorporating it into your daily life. ┬áThat thing whatever is for you, can come on January 1st, July 4th or September 15th…it really doesn’t matter as you start it and do it.

This year, I’m focused on “xxx it out.” You fill in the xxx blank. Do whatever your blank is and do it out, do it right.

For me, I’m doing three things:

1) Dance it out. This means that for 3-5 minutes whether it’s in my condo, my car or on metro, I’m gonna dance it out to whatever song compels me.

2) Pray it out. There is a higher power out there and He’s gonna hear more from me this year.

3) Laugh it out. Find something to laugh at and enjoy the act of laughing and the joy in the moment.

What are you gonna “blank it out” this year?