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Blank it Out in 2011

Blank it Out in 2011

imagesI’m not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions. It just seems contrite to say on January 1st you’re going to change a behavior that makes you who you are. Nevertheless, I do believe in doing things for yourself that make you happy, and incorporating it into your daily life.  That thing whatever is for you, can come on January 1st, July 4th or September 15th…it really doesn’t matter as you start it and do it.

This year, I’m focused on “xxx it out.” You fill in the xxx blank. Do whatever your blank is and do it out, do it right.

For me, I’m doing three things:

1) Dance it out. This means that for 3-5 minutes whether it’s in my condo, my car or on metro, I’m gonna dance it out to whatever song compels me.

2) Pray it out. There is a higher power out there and He’s gonna hear more from me this year.

3) Laugh it out. Find something to laugh at and enjoy the act of laughing and the joy in the moment.

What are you gonna “blank it out” this year?

Random Things to be Thankful For

Random Things to be Thankful For

Another Thanksgiving is upon us and time to reflect on what I’m thankful. Of course,  family, friends, health and work always top the list, but I like to think about those things that make our life easier, more comfortable, fun and interesting.

1. Remote control. Seriously, can you  imagine having to get up from your sofa to flip through 100+ channels.  Sadly, I can remember the days of having to change the channel, but we only had four channels and only changed the channel when one show was over on one network for another show on another network.

2. Bed. We spend a 1/3 of our life sleeping., so having a bed  definetly makes life more comfortable.

3. Computer. Having the ability to work, shop, talk to friends, and watch TV shows from a 15-inch computer screen adds comfort, fun and interest to my life.

4. TiVo – This device has replaced my need for dating, and makes me happier than any man ever could. It knows what I want, when I want it and is always there when I need it.

5. Electricity – Often overlooked, but it’s a major necessity to support all the devices that makes life comfortable, including heat, air and refrigeration.

6. Prohibition Failed – Yes, kids there was an era in our country’s history where it was illegal to buy, sell alcohol. A HUGE thanks to FDR for repealing the insanity of a no booze USA.

7.The Declaration of Independence – Our founding fathers were brilliant and despite today’s political environment, those dudes knew what they were talking about– “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  Because of this document, we enjoy charmed lives and have the freedom to say and do nearly anything our heart desires–that’s something to be thankful for!

An Independent Woman

An Independent Woman

Two-hundred thirty-four years ago today, 56 white men signed the Declaration of Independence. Today, women are dominating the business world, gaining political clout and breaking the traditional stereotypes of submissive, wife, mother and homemaker.

The urban dictionary defines an independent woman as ” a woman who pays her own bills, buys her own things, and DOES NOT allow a man to affect her stability or self-confidence. She supports her self on her own entirely and is proud to be able to do so.”

So instead of honoring the old, dead, white guys I opted to honor a few ladies, who at least for me, exemplify the spirit of an independent woman.

1. Sandra Bullock – You cheat and we’re done.  She doesn’t mess around and is confident enough in herself to adopt a kid, leave you and start over, alone.

2. Demi Moore– The cougar matriarch who achieved success with her own name, talent and skills, then found a guy who didn’t care and wasn’t ashamed that he hadn’t yet done it all.

3. Oprah – She’s got Stedman and doesn’t need a marriage certificate to validate the relationship.

4. Jane Austen–  An independent woman way before her time. Despite being a Brit, she didn’t succumb to the traditions of marriage for which were expected of her, but instead followed her passion for writing. She showed them and is one of the most beloved authors of English literature.

5. Elizabeth I – Another Brit, but she kicked a lot of male ass during her reign and shaped Britain into the country it is today. She committed herself to country and said to hell with men. A strategy that paid off well for the UK.

Who did I miss?

Things my Mom taught me

Things my Mom taught me

Mom and I at Hilton Head Island
Mom and I at Hilton Head Island

It’s Mother’s Day 2010 and a good time to reflect on the things my mom taught me.

  • Respect your elders and say “yes ma’m/yes sir, no ma’m/no sir”
  • Take a hostess gift when invited to a party
  • Send a thank you note for gifts and weekend stays
  • Be on time
  • Honor your commitments
  • Tell the truth
  • Reading builds your vocabulary and keeps your mind sharp
  • Stay active in mind and body, it’ll keep you young