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Things I Hate to Buy

Things I Hate to Buy

No matter how many time Obama says the economy is getting better, I’m convinced he’s smoking dope with Bill Clinton somewhere at a bunker in West Virginia. Although red was the it color of the season, it doesn’t overshadow the fact that no matter who’s in office,  my dollar is still in 1st gear with so little power it may never find 2nd.

Nevertheless, there are still things no matter how good or crappy the  economy I have to buy that prevents me from more frivolous spending like a 401k.  Let’s break it down.

1. Tampons. A great invention, but it really sucks to plop down $8/box each month for these suckers. And no, generic is not an option here.

2. Make-up.  $40 for a foundation stick, $25 for concealer, $20 for lip gloss, and so on, seems worthless when  days go by and no one sees me but, me and the sight of seeing me without it is so frightening I pay expedited shipping to Bobbi Brown when I run out.

3. Printer cartridges. The one thing in the US that apparently is not made in China. This stuff at $50/pop for my printer is a rip-off.

4. Bra . No one and I mean no one sees this stuff, yet for a decent bra you need to shell out at least $25 and you can’t just have one. They wear out and then gravity takes over. Gravity sucks, so going without is not an option.

5. Underwear. Like it’s bra cousin, no one sees my underwear. Now maybe I could go without, but frankly I think I’m just too old for that trend.

6. Gym clothes. Finally, something someone actually sees, but something I despise buying. I just can’t get excited about overpriced t-shirts and running pants made of sweat-free material that can’t do the work out for me.