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Betting on a Royal Baby, or Not?

Betting on a Royal Baby, or Not?

009Most of you know that I teeter on the edge of royal family obsession. A look at my bookshelf and the stacks of coffee-table books on Princess Diana along with my addiction to Tudor-era historical fiction are dead giveaways for my love of all things English Royalty.

So it should be no surprise, that I have been on royal baby watch for the past five days. No, I haven’t fallen off the cable recovery plan wagon, and succumb to CNN’s baby watch coverage, thankfully for Twitter I’m totally in the know on all things #royalbaby.

And in the midst of my obsession, I nearly put a wager on what Kate and Wills would name the little HRH tyke, but unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the online betting site in the UK didn’t accept American wagers.

So for fun, my safe bet for a girl is:

Alexandra Elizabeth Frances 

My long shot for a girl is:

Charlotte Elizabeth Victoria Frances

My safe bet for a boy is:

George Phillip James Charles

My long shot for a boy is:

James Francis Henry Phillip 

And my personal favorite for a girl:

Charlotte Carrie Miranda Samantha 

My personal favorite for a boy:

Ronald Donald Ricky Mike


New Celebrity Crush

New Celebrity Crush

jackdavenportDespite the fact that my Vampire Diaries crush, Ian Somerhalder, has recently changed his Facebook status from, “In a relationship,” to “Single,” prompting a search for an e-saver to Atlanta to pursue proper stalking, up, close and personal, I’ve found myself a new celebrity crush to split my time: Jack Davenport.

Of course, just when I find him, I will lose him.  His character, Derek Wills, is on track to close out his run on Smash as NBC puts a nail in the coffin of this spectacular show that is totally underrated and misunderstood. I beg NBC to keep Smash on the air!! Until then, I’ll soak up my time with Jack and Derek.

Fortunately, Ian and Damon will be back in September. I couldn’t bear to lose two fantasies at once.





Hollywood: Please reunite Katie and Hubbell

Hollywood: Please reunite Katie and Hubbell

Yesterday, I caught the last 30 minutes of “The Way We Were,” which by my account is the best part. It’s at this point, Katie realizes her love is not enough for her, and Hubbell, and with much regret she lets him go, only asking that he stay until the baby’s born. But since Katie’s not the let-it-go-type and fights  for every cause from the atomic bomb to Hubbell’s career,  this is a crushing blow to all of us, me included, who fight for what we believe in.

And while I understand the cinematic purpose of this movie, you can’t give up yourself for someone else, I desperately want these two to get together.

So as I sat there watching Katie brush Hubbell’s hair to the side, being strong and commending him on his choice of a girl, saying, “your girl’s wonderful, Hubbell.”  I wondered why Hollywood can’t create a sequel where after years apart, they found their way back?

Heck, even Gone With the Wind had a sequel where Rhett and Scarlett got together. Of course, it wasn’t the cinematic masterpiece of the original, but it was satisfying to have closure on a couple where there was clearly no other choice, but the two of them together, forever.  

So with that, I need Katie and Hubbell to get back together. It just feels like there’s been enough time for them to have grown up, discovered the world and that the world is a better place with the two of them together.  Possibly, a 21st century widow meets widower through eHarmony? Please Hollywood, it’s time to reunite Katie and Hubbell.



The Class of 2015

The Class of 2015

Over the past few weeks, my Facebook feed has been full of back to school photos. Kids starting 1st grade, 7th grade and even a college freshmen. I drive through the streets of DC where at  GW and Georgetown I’m greeted with “Welcome Back Students” signs.

It’s an annual rite of passage for parents and kids alike.  An event I haven’t participated in since Fall of 1994.  But this year, I came across a post that gave me pause: a reminder that there’s not only a new generation of back to schooler’s,  but a whole new mindset.

A few of my favorite’s from the  full list:

  • O.J. Simpson has always been looking for the killers of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman.
  • Women have never been too old to have children.
  • Ferris Bueller and Sloane Peterson could be their parents.
  • Jimmy Carter has always been a smiling elderly man who shows up on TV to promote fair elections and disaster relief.
  • They’ve always wanted to be like Shaq or Kobe: Michael Who?
  • Amazon has never been just a river in South America,
  • Refer to LBJ, and they might assume you’re talking about LeBron James.
  • Sears has never sold anything out of a “Big Book” that could also serve as a doorstop.
Is “The” Making a Comeback?

Is “The” Making a Comeback?

Lately I’ve noticed that “the” is all over entertainment. In a world of high creative-types, I’m bewildered on the blandness of the “The” statement. It’s a cop out for being original in the hopes that the latest “The” will be the next daytime hit (aka The View)  or in the case of movies, an Oscar nod (aka: The GodFather, The Graduate,  The Exorcist, The Insider).

Yet, there’s something about the most recent boom of “The’s” that doesn’t ring in my ear, success.

  • The Five
  • The Chew
  • The Talk
  • The Help
  • The Revolution

After all, once upon a time there was a little web project, named, The Facebook. Makes me wonder if dropping “the” helped it’s cause to become a worldwide phenomenon? Just a thought.